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Community Bible Studies


Patten Towers is a government subsidized adult living apartment building in downtown Chattanooga.
In loving our city, we have connected with a community of individuals affected by poor choices, adverse circumstances, neglect and affliction. Every Wednesday an outreach team uses love and kindness to minister to the residents at Patton Towers. Following a short Bible study and prayer time, snacks are served while we continue to develop personal relationships with each resident that attends. For many of these people, the uplifting words and attitudes we bring are the only glimpse of Jesus Christ they see. Once a month we serve a full meal to the entire resident population in the apartment building and every Christmas gifts are handed out to each person.
Using the power of a smile and a hug, come be a demonstration of God's love to those who feel unloved and join us at Patten Towers.


Join us every other Monday night at 7 p.m. in the rental office of Fort Town Apartments, in Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. for an evening of Bible Study with people of all faiths.

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