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Pastors Alan and Terri Crider with daughter Shannon and sons Sean and Scott
"Take heed now, for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong, and do it."
I Chronicles 28:10
Alan and Terri Crider were a long way from hearing this divine directive when they wed in 1969. Alan's alcoholism and wild ways pushed their marriage to the limit. The Irish "heathen" sustained this worldly lifestyle for eight years as Terri raised their children. The Italian Catholic girl coped with after hours marijuana and suicidal thoughts. They were both miserable and couldn't see a way out. Until...Alan found Jesus! One night, he asked his neighbor on the next barstool if he knew anything about God. The fellow drunk said "No." But, he did have a sister who was a fanatic for God and she was at a meeting downtown. Alan went to the Kenneth Copeland meeting and learned of Jesus and that He is Lord! What a wonderfully sobering discovery. "Hey, Jesus. My name is Alan." That night, Alan gave his life to the Lord --all of it! The Lord honored his request, and Alan's life was never the same. He was delivered from alcoholism and the lifestyle that went with it. Alan came home to Terri that night telling her he was saved. Born again. All Terri knew was that she was born into the church and that was that. But, the conviction was so strong and Alan's voice kept ringing in her ears, "You must be born again." A few months after Alan gave his life to the Lord, Terri was in the den of their home. She was crying and on the verge of a breakdown. A little Baptist neighbor lady came in and said, "Terri, the devil's got you by one hand and Jesus has you by the other. You need to give in before you get ripped apart!" She dropped to her knees and told Jesus she always thought she was ok with Him, but today she realized that all was not well with her. She asked Jesus to come into her heart and save her soul.
Those experiences were in 1978. Alan and Terri were filled with the Holy Ghost and began their spiritual growth at Kenneth and Gloria Copeland's Believer's Conventions and Victory Campaigns. In 1980, the divine directive came. "Take heed now, for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong and do it." I Chronicles 28:10. Alan heard it, but didn't understand it. The revelation became clear eight years later and after he was ordained into the ministry. God had called Alan to form a new group of believers, named and commissioned by fasting and prayer. That group of believers, called River of Life Church, met together for the very first time in May of 1988.
That was many, many years ago. The man and woman of God have never changed their mission or passion. They have matured into it. Today, they hold their ordination papers with Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain Church. They have been blessed to cross denominational lines, teaching and preaching in various churches across the United States. Alan and Terri are also missions minded. They have ministered on the Navajo Reservation and in many foreign countries, including Guatemala, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Phillipines, Romania and Russia.
The Criders have three grown children and eight grandchildren.

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