Our Pastors

Alan & Terri Crider

Alan and Terri Crider were far from imagining a divine intervention when they married in 1969. Alan's struggles with alcoholism and reckless behavior strained their marriage, with Terri navigating the challenges of raising their children amid his Irish "heathen" lifestyle. Meanwhile, Terri, an Italian Catholic, coped with marijuana use and suicidal thoughts during the after-hours. Both were deeply unhappy and saw no way out, until one pivotal moment changed everything—Alan found Jesus.

One night, in a bar, Alan approached his neighbor on the next barstool, inquiring about God. The fellow drunk had no knowledge but mentioned his sister, a God fanatic, at a meeting downtown. Alan attended a Kenneth Copeland meeting, where he encountered Jesus and declared Him as Lord. This transformative experience marked a turning point for Alan, leading him to renounce alcoholism and its associated lifestyle. That night, he returned home to Terri, announcing his salvation and rebirth.

Although Terri was raised in the church, the conviction of Alan's experience resonated with her. A few months later, in the den of their home, she found herself on the verge of a breakdown. A compassionate Baptist neighbor urged her to surrender to Jesus, emphasizing the spiritual struggle between the devil and Jesus for her soul. Kneeling down, Terri acknowledged her need for salvation, inviting Jesus into her heart.

These life-altering events unfolded in 1978. Alan and Terri, filled with the Holy Ghost, embarked on their spiritual journey attending Kenneth and Gloria Copeland's Believer's Conventions and Victory Campaigns. In 1980, a divine directive was revealed to Alan, quoting I Chronicles 28:10: "Take heed now, for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong and do it." Although Alan didn't fully grasp it initially, the revelation became clear eight years later, leading to his ordination into the ministry. God had called Alan to establish a new group of believers through fasting and prayer, resulting in the formation of River of Life Church in May 1988.

Over the years, Alan and Terri stayed true to their mission and passion, maturing into their roles. They proudly hold ordination papers from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain Church. Crossing denominational lines, they've shared their teachings in various U.S. churches. Their mission extends beyond borders, with a focus on missions. They've ministered in diverse locations, including the Navajo Reservation and countries such as Guatemala, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, the Philippines, Romania, and Russia.