River of Life Church
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Who We Are
From its humble beginnings in a dental office's reception area in 1988, the "River" has become the oldest church of its type in the Greater Chattanooga/North Georgia area.  The River is Spirit-filled and multi-cultural.  We have one love -JESUS - and one purpose - SOULS, SOULS, AND MORE SOULS.  We have one common belief  - JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE AND THERE IS NO OTHER!

altIn 1980, the Lord gave us 1 Chronicles 28:10, 20-21.  Eight years later, we found out what that meant!  The Lord called us to Pastor a group of people who would be willing to go into all the world, extending the arm of His power and sharing His salvation to every creature.  He promised us we would be a house of prayer for all people, filled with willing and skillful servants.  He has taken us into the highways and byways to the halt, lame and cast aways.  And we have compelled them to come to His house.  He has empowered us to accomplish His assignment through prayer and evangelism.  Now in our third decade of "Proclaiming God's Word, Touching Lives and Changing our Communities", we are continually active in advancing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Our focus is personal evangelism and discipleship.

You will find this interwoven into every activity in which we are involved.  Our missions work includes the streets of Chattanooga, television and the internet.  We impact lives nationally and internationally.  There is still much to be done to build both the physical sanctuary to the glory of God as well as the spiritual sanctuary in the hearts of believers before the return of Christ.

So as you browse through our site, be sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Ghost.  You may be one of the "willing and skillful servants" the Lord promised He would send to help us accomplish our God-given assignment.

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